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Universal Prayer

PrayerAlmighty God, true Light of the World! Oh! Cosmic manifestation of Love Eternal!
Salutations to thee, oh! Lord Eternal

All saints are your servants, the sages the bards of your love.  Truth, righteousness and love are your holy vessels Which carry us through the turbulent waters of life.
Salutations to thee, oh! Light Eternal

The different religions are echoes of your voice , The different Gods reflections of your being ;In every being we feel your heart beat
Salutations to thee, oh! Inconceivable one!

May our only desire be conformity to your will. May we become the messengers of your love. Remove the veil of maya from minds   
Salutations to thee, oh! Divine font of life!

Help us become your true children And shine forth as lamps of goodness and peace.  Help us to become liberated, oh! True freedom!   
Salutations to thee, oh! Being of infinite brilliance!

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