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Sun And Diabetics

Diabetics is metabolic disorder marked by excessive urination and persistent thirst. It is a condition which results in too much sugar in the blood. This happens because the body does not produce enough insulin, the hormone that controls blood sugar levels.  Insulin is produced by the pancreas, a small organ near the stomach that also secretes important-enzymes that help the digestion of food. Insulin allows glucose to move from the blood into cells. In diabetes, glucose in the blood cannot move into cells and stays in the blood. This not only harms the cells that need the glucose for fuel, but also harms certain organs and tissues exposed to the high glucose levels.

There are two types of diabetes:

  1. It affects children and young adults and is also often referred to as Insulin Dependent Diabetes (IDDM).

  2. It comes on in later life, especially in the overweight and often runs in families. This is also referred to as Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes (NIDDM).

Both forms of diabetes ultimately lead to high blood Sugar levels, a condition called hyperglycemia. Diabetes can adversely affect the blood vessels, the eyes, the heart, the nervous system, and the kidneys, but this usually appears to follow many years of poor blood sugar control.In the short run, diabetes can contribute to a number of short-lived medical problems. Many infections are associated with diabetes, and infections are frequently more dangerous in someone with diabetes because the bodys normal ability to fight infections is impaired.

Sunlight has a tremendous effect in controlling diabetes by lowering the concentration of Glucose in the blood. Although it is not particularly noticeable in normal individuals, the effect is dramatic in diabetics. It is because of this reason that anyone who is diabetic should be careful as they may have to reduce the amount of insulin they take to maintain normal blood sugar level if they are in strong sunlight for any length of time.

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