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Salutations to Thee
"Oh Great Surya, the giver of light, warmth and Wisdom
the marker of time - the motivator of all beings
the giver of rain, water and food - the sustainer of all life.
For all these gifts You give us selflessly, each and every day,
we offer our humble salutations and gratitude to You."

Since the beginning of this Universe the Sun has been there sharing its light and warmth on all.  It is our visible God, who without fail supports us each and every day.

We should learn the following from the Sun:

1. Tyaga (Sacrifice):
In order to provide us light, heat and energy, He kills Himself with each and every burst (explosion) of light on His surface.  He literally sacrifices himself to give us life.

2. Detachment :
He never anticipates or demands praise or glory or reward.

3. Impartiality:
He does not discriminate between rich and poor, man and woman, Saint or Sinner, It equally shines on all:  It is pure Love - impartially for all.

4. Dutiful:
Each and every day the sun rises without fail. It never gives any excuse to dodge its duty.

5. Punctuality:
It rises each and every day without any delay.

6. Wisdom:
When everything is seen in the proper light we know its reality.  We can separate the real from the unreal. But once full light illumines the object - truth is revealed,
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