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Protect from Cancer

Scientists are excited about vitamin D found in sunlight that can protect you from cancer of the Breast, Colon, Ovary, Bladder, Womb, Stomach and Prostate gland.

According to recent studies, lifetime exposure to sunlight may reduce your risk of common types of cancer. Vitamin D from appropriate sun exposure prevents 30 deaths in every one hundred cases. In an analysis of deaths from 24 states over an eleven year period (from 1984 to 1995), the NCI researchers found that people living in the sunniest parts of the country like Caribbean, South and Central America and, South Asia, had significant lower rates of breast and colon cancer. But mortality rates for breast and colon cancer are 4 to 6 times higher among the people living in northern Europe and North America. Caribbean, South and Central America are located within 20 degrees of the equator.

John Nash Ott, author of  "Health & Light" a book on solar healing, once came across an elderly person who had been diagnosed with cancer of the prostate and surgery had been recommended. Ott found that for many years this man had been wearing eyeglasses with a light pink tint. He persuaded him to stop wearing those and get full spectrum ultraviolet transmitting Spectacles. He also advised him to cut down watching television and spend more time outdoors. At the time of writing his book, Ott reports that the man has gone three years without Surgery and with no symptoms of his prostate cancer.

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