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Philosophy of Suryayoga

SuryayogaSuryayoga is becoming popular today more than any other times earlier, both in the east and the west. The science and philosophy of Suryayoga comes from most ancient times, So it is necessary to understand the philosophy of Suryayoga.

By Practicing Suryayoga, one will find an inner peace that will radiate outwards and life will become one of greater joy and experience. The exercise of Suryayoga begins the person on a conscious journey to discover what simply is. Who are you? and what you can become?

Surya yoga is a conscious process of helping man to progress from Animal level to human level to God, man level to God level, at all personality levels. The nine fold path of Tapascharya like the Astanga Yoga deals with some of the greatest mysteries of life and the universe and so it must inevitably be associated with an atmosphere of profound mystery. The discoveries made in the field of Science are especially helpful in enabling the youth to conceive certain facts of Surya yoga.

Through the process of tapas, when the inner eye of true discrimination begins to open, he or she will cease to wonder whether he/she is strong enough to undertake this long and tedious journey to his/her destination. There is certain similiar relationship between the laws of higher life and life as it exists on the physical plane. When one analyzes oneself and looks into his/her past life, finds some black marks and disharmony, the lack of awareness of reality, the Sense of Egoism or I-am-ness, attractions and repulsions towards objects and strong desire for the materialistic life are the great afflictions which are the causes for all miseries in life.

MeditationThe ninth step, Enlightenment Meditation, of Surya Yoga can purify the multitude of thoughts, and develop consciousness in the person. Placed meditation is not a method but a process. Bliss, creative thinking, meaningful emotional experience and heightened sensory awareness are the results of Meditation. Those who attain real meditative status through Surya Yoga can talk and survive without food. Higher knowledge develops only through intuitions and inspirations. This universal phenomenon happens automatically in the deep meditative state internally through Suryayoga. An average person uses a maximum of about 10% of his mind. The balance 90% of the subconscious mind remains unused. With this technique one starts using his subconscious mind. These results in enhanced memory power, more concentration, more self-confidence, unconditional love, positive thoughts etc. The wisdom necessary to use knowledge properly is something that comes only with experience. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us