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Suryayoga Sadhanas

Surya Swami, the Preacher of Suryayoga has given the following sadhanas:

Gazing1. Gazing

  • Look directly at the sun as it rises or sets

  • Stand facing east at sunrise or west for sunset

  • Make sanklap to sun, Look at the sun for a moment

  • Say the following:
    You are my first guru.
    You are my nearest and dearest friend.
    You know what I need.

  • Rub your forehead and place silver or copper coin in 3rd eye position.

  • Keep hands in SUN MUDRA  Position.

  • Sit comfortably with back straight on a mat or chair.

  • Place hands in Sun symbol position, & keep touching body.

  • Breathe through the coin in your 3rd eye position.

  • With each IN breath: feel the Love Energy from the sun coming into your 3rd eye.

  • Breathe out all negativity and problems.

  • You may repeat this affirmation coordinating it with your breath:
    "Love in - Negativity out"

  • Stay in this gazing position for 15 - 30 min.

If Sun is too bright and find it difficult to gaze, bend your head and look at the sun through your eyebrows. New people slowly increase your gazing time from 5 min, increasing every 3rd day.

1 additional minute - While gazing, if you like, be open and talk with God.

Meditation with Close eyes2. Meditation with closed eyes (duration 10-20 minutes)

  • See the Light in your 3rd eye.

  • Breathe IN the Love Energy into your 3rd eye.

  • Breathe out the Love Energy throughout the body.

  • Affirmation: "Love in - Love throughout"

  • Now direct that Love Energy into your heart.

  • Feel your heart filling with curative Energies.

  • As the blood flows through the heart, each molecule, each cell in your blood is
    becoming energized and illumined.

  • Move this energized blood to all parts of your body.

  • Your organs and glands are feeling very strong & healthy now. 

  • Experience the light everywhere.

  • The Light is all around you.

  • The Light is in you.

  • You are the Light! Repeat mentally 3 times this affirmation - with conviction:
    "I am the Luminous Love Light of the World."

  • Lastly, Release the hand position and with eyes closed, bend down

  • Touch Mother Earth with your palms & forehead.

  • Take 2-3 deep breaths and let everything go.

  • Come back to sitting Namaskar position.

  • Rub hands together and palm the eyes.

  • Feel the healing energy entering your eyes.

  • Blink 6-7 times getting used to the light

  • Slowly open your eyes.

  • Bring hands in folded prayer position.

  • Bless yourself

  • Surrender to the Absolute, the Supreme Power

  • Wish everyone around you with a loving smile health and happiness.

Receive Energy From Cosmos3. Circle Of Light

  • Stand and Clap minimum 324 times for good health.

  • Squat and do Kundalini Blast. Pataki 3x, Boom 2x, Sizzle 1x, Silent 1x.

  • "Ho - Ha" sound:  (10 sec each direction)
    up/down, front, sideways, below, fast up/down - Directional Blessings.

  • Face each direction and  loudly say: 
    "Oh Lord, grant us PEACE (East)" Health (South), Property (West), Faith & Unconditional Love (North)

  • Receive Energy from the Cosmos - with outstretched arms

  • Finally, Sing a devotional SONG - encompassing all religions

  • Spread your Light and Love on one & all. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us