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What is Suryayoga

SuryayogaSuryayoga is a combination of two Sanskrit words, Surya and Yoga.  `Surya` means `Sun` and  `yoga` means `to yoke` or together which literally means to amalgamate with the sun - become one. It is an energetic, dynamic and rejuvenating style of yoga based on a unique series of Sun Salutations.  By practicing Suryayoga one can balance and organize chemical, bio-electric, and bio-magnetic powers in the body. Surya Yoga helps in revitalise energy and negate illnesses of the mind and body.  It is a blend of yoga, nada (sound), rishi gyan and Buddha stage (silence). It is an advanced form of yoga that helps an individual merge with nature. The best time to practice Surya yoga is at sunrise or sunset when the harmful ultra-violet rays are not present. Daily practicing of Suryayoga will balance the five elements in the body.

Surya Jowel, popularly known as Surya Swami, is the founder of the Suryayoga movement. Surya Yoga, according to him, is done in nine steps, and when perfected can activate the body chakras or power points, opening up the path to self-realisation. "The photons from the sun can help smoothen and enlighten the body, prana, mind and soul to come together in a straight line. The omnipotent Suryas presence can change, arrange, reduce, remove imbalances and organise the chemical, bio-chemical, bio-electrical and bio-magnetic powers in living beings," claims the Swami.

Sunlight has great therapeutic value. The importance of Sun was realised very early by the ancient civilizations. It was given the status of a God and worshipped from time immemorial.

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